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Outfit Ideas (And Clothes) to Look Like Emily in Paris Even When You’re Not in Paris

We just can’t help but get obsessed with Emily’s outfit ideas. Lily Collins just brings out that Gossip Girl feels in a Parisian setting. Guess what? We, girls, can get the fashion takes too! Here are some of the clothes included in every style featured in the Netflix hit drama Emily in Paris.


Yes! Sweater weather is here. Add some jeans to it, a beanie, and simple accessories. You’ll enjoy laidback fashion but not too lazy looking for the critics.

#2. Green Coats and Plaids.

The bright neon or mint green has got its ways in making any casual more fashionable. It’s also a perfect add-on comfort for the cold weather.

#3. The Infamous Little Black Dress

Hey, it has never gone out of style. Since Lady Diana, the black dress is always a statement fashion article that gets everyone watching you. It’s also less demanding but expresses more of who you are. Plus, it’s formal friendly.

#4. Raincoats that Aren’t for Rainy Days

Feeling rebellious with fashion? Add some transparent raincoat to a dress. You will find the style a perfect fashion standout wherever you go.

#5. Pink, Mink, Fuchsia.

Bring out that sassy girl sense with pink shades. Shirt, coat, pants, and accessories in pink can get your inner girl clapping for joy.

Got more fashion ideas from Emily in Paris? Feel free to share them in the comment box below.

Outfit Ideas

Gilmore Girls Fashion Take: I Wore Their Outfits for A Week

Just watched Gilmore Girls on Netflix? Ever wondered how they’re able to don such exquisite outfits. Well, here are some fashion combos you can try for each character that should get your style covered for a week.

#1. Jess Mariano’s outfit with a girly twist

While it isn’t a girl character, his outfit can get that casual denim weekend going. Some Doc Martens and an olive t-shirt can get it even more comfortable and fashionable – a great fashion combination.

#2. Rory Gilmore’s Denim jacket style

The burgundy A-line dress, black tights, and blue denim jacket recreate this outfit. You can add brown booties with a short heel. Tie your hair in a ponytail, and it’s almost like one Rory wore in the series.

#3. Lane Kim and her fur-styled outfit in Doc Martens boots

The burgundy and navy-blue plaid pants, black sweater and faux-fur collar with the trusted Doc Martens recreate this comfy look.

#4. Emily Gilmore’s timeless casual style

A white shirt, grey slacks, and a black & white knitted cape/cardigan will surely get the outfit rolling.

#5. Paris Geller and laidback office fashion

The mauve-pink blazer, black cigarette pants, and black pumps feel serious but fashionable for office wear.

#6. Lorelai Gilmore’s bubbly pink casual

A navy blue and white polka dot shirt, medium wash flare jeans, light pink coat, and black heeled boots will do the trick. You can add a navy blue ascot and blue beanie with pom-poms to complete the look.

Found more fashion styles from Gilmore Girls you wanted to share with us? Please do so in the comment section below.

Outfit Ideas

Dress Like the Crown’s Princess Diana with These Outfit Ideas

Emma Corrin’s depiction of Lady Diana in the fourth season of The Crown had fashion enthusiasts wanting to try her wardrobe. Although it has been years since her abrupt demise (may she rest in peace), her fashion preference has never gone out of style.

If you want to take her fashion as part of memorializing her, here are some outfit ideas you can do to look and feel like the People’s Princess.

#1. The “Getting Paparazzied” Look

It’s all about the working-class, trench coat, sweater, skirt, and white shirt. Add some long shoulder bag and you can recreate that moment when the public knew of the engagement with the Prince of Wales.

#2. That “Charles & Diana On the Countryside” Yellow Outfit

While it was one of the most dapper and intimate with her future husband, Lady Diana just got yellow everything to a whole new level. Some yellow jacket, floral blouse, and a jumpsuit, and you’re also ready to become jolly fashionable on countryside excursions.

#3. The “Hall of Pictures Rollerblading” Outfit

Who wouldn’t rollerblade in an insanely large hall of paintings and portraits? Lady Diana’s pink pajamas, sweater, and rollerblades just got everyone thinking how fashionable she looks in that scene.

#4. The Infamous “Revenge” Dress.

The last episode shows Diana wearing that all-black sexy dress that got the viewers thinking of how she wants to take revenge on Charles and Camilla smooching behind her back. While it wasn’t used to represent something good, it shows the princess’ fashion outtakes to show her true emotions. Go figure!

If you’re looking to apply Lady Di’s fashion taste to your wardrobe, here are some keynotes: Colour matching, layering, prints, and experimenting. You don’t also need to be a princess to become fashionable, but sure Lady Diana can get you more ideas on how to find the best fashion style that suits you. Have more about Lady Di’s fashion in mind? Feel free to comment about it below.

Fashion Tips

Bring Out That “Emily in Paris” Fashion Sense with these Outfit Guide

Emily in Paris has got a lot of feedback in their initial stream on Netflix. Some good, some not-so. Nonetheless, we want to feature the show because she, the fashionable queen Lily Collins, can make us channel that Parisian fashion style within our means (and wardrobe choices)

#1. Fuchsia from H2T (Head-to-Toe)

Yes. It’s all about pink! You can recreate Emily’s all-fuchsia outfit with a pink coat, bold pink sweater, a denim skirt, felt-skin high heel boots, and a plushie-like handbag. Don some silver hoop earrings or dangling stick earrings, and you’re in for a Parisian walk in your local downtown.

#2. The All-time Classical “Little Black Dress”.

The infamous Little Black Dress just doesn’t go out of style. Add some black coat when you’re wearing it on chillier nights. Red lipstick, silver-lined clutch, silver earrings, and shiny heels, and you’re ready to rock any gala or college formal.

#3. Plaid & Green

That green plaid outfit and fluffy coat can get you walking like a fashion model in casual clothes. Some skimpy skirts, boots, scarf, and hat gets it even more fashionable.

#4. Raincoats for Indoor Fashion

Well, who wouldn’t? While it isn’t wet, raincoats are becoming a fashion statement nowadays. Get it on with a jumpsuit and it won’t look out of style.

#5. Sweaters Overload

It’s getting colder, isn’t it? As long as the sweater isn’t cursed, go for it. Pair it with some jeans, boots, and a beanie, and you can bike around downtown or uptown like it’s Paris fashion week every day.

Thoughts on Emily in Paris fashion? Connect with us in the comments below.

Fashion Tips

Wear Doc Martens Like a Pro with These Outfit Tips

Doc Martens boots are too edgy? Well, they are – in a good way! While they can be subversive, they can complement your style too. Here are some fashion ideas to get your Doctor Martens in sync with your outfits.

#1. The Girly Look

Get on some dress, any style, a cute backpack, some blingy accessories, and a pair of white Doc Martens to bring out that girly look.

#2. The Fashionable Grungy Look

Wanting to do rebel but not too much? Then black is the key! Add some copper-ish accessories and a shiny black, almost military-looking, Doc Martens, and you can rock the street with your outfit.

#3. The Glam Girl Look

If sassy sophisticated fashion is your thing, your matte black Doc Martens will go well with high waist blue jeans, a furry pink coat, and dangling silver earrings. You can add a shiny belt for a more glamorous look.

#4. That Everyday Casual Look

Just want a laidback look? Don that oversized sweatshirt from the closet, an all-black legging, and hoop earrings will keep your Doc Martens a complementary to your comfy clothing style.

Have some better fashion ideas that work with your Doc Martens boots? Feel free to share them in the comment box below.

Fashion Tips

A Simple Guide in Finding Your Most Authentic Style

Are you wondering which style fits your most personal style? We got you! Here are some tips for finding your most authentic style.

  1. Start by asking who you do admire. You can research your celebrity idol’s fashion, iconic looks, their fashion outtakes, etc. They can be the best fashion reference that will make your clothing preference a stand-out.
  2. Explore some style patterns online or in your nearest department store. While clothing boutiques give you focused brands, exploring the department store offers more options in clothing styles and brands. Plus, they have more fitting rooms, which gives you more chances of trying the shirt or jeans you’re eyeing on before buying them.
  3. Know your color favorites. While it’s not right to stick to one fashion shade, understanding your color preference gives you an idea of how to better express yourself with clothes.
  4. Start organizing the closet. Remove the non-fitting ones or revamp them to better suit your style and character.
  5. Explore fashion with your current clothing budget. You can go on a buy-at-price challenge. You’ll be surprised to see how many fashion items you can buy on a budget.
  6. Your #OOTDs on IG or Facebook is your fashion mirror. Refer to them when experimenting with your style.
  7. Never forget your true YOU! It’s your marker to finding the style that suits you well.

How do you find your style? Tell us more in the comment section below.

Beauty & Hair

Get Salon-Quality Manicure at Home Without Breaking Your Budget with These Tips.

As we spend more time doing virtual classes, it’s noticeable that our fingernails need some polishing and pampering. Yes, girl! I’m referring to a manicure, and you need to get those nails shimmering for your next virtual meetings. Here is our guide to achieving a salon-grade manicure without leaving your home.

  1. Get the Essentials. Here are the manicure products you need to get for your nail pampering session.
  • Nail File & Buffer Block
  • Nail Clippers
  • Cuticle Remover
  • Hand & Cuticle Cream
  • Base Coats & Top Polish Coats

You can find them all in your nearest makeup boutique, online stores, or even in department stores.

  1. Prep & Paint. Before getting on with coloring your nails with the best (or most preferred) shades, here are some preparations to do.
  • Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly. Then, work your way to removing some previous nail polish with a remover. Even so, just apply nail polish remover before applying coats on your fingernails.
  • Start chipping away and shaping the nails. While most wanted to keep longer fingernails, a well-trimmed one looks way better (and cleaner) to do. If you want to achieve slimmer nails, shape them in round or almond shapes.
  • Check out the cuticles. If you can, remove them by trimming. If not, at least nourish those cuticles with cuticle oil to prevent dreaded hangnails and splintering.
  • Prepare to polish your nails. Moisturize your hands and begin applying coats to every nail. Unless you have a manicure coat that acts both, start with a base coat and apply the topcoats a few minutes later.
  • Carefully work on each fingernail to achieve better-looking nail shades and polish.

Any other tips for an at-home manicure session? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

Beauty & Hair

Tips on Building Your Morning & Night Skincare Rituals

Struggling to organize or maintain your morning skincare routine? Are you still not used to doing night-time skincare ritual? We know everyone has different skin types, and it’s hard to know where to begin finding the best skincare products to start. So, we’ve done some research on skincare that you can try first without getting overwhelmed with it.

So, here are some tips on maintaining that morning or night-time ritual, and other 101s on skincare.

  1. Know what your skin needs first. Check if you have dry, oily, or stubborn skin. You can try a tester first to know how well they respond to your common skin problems.
  2. Hydration is the key. Whatever your skin type, you can benefit a lot from drinking water. It keeps your skin elastic and reduces wrinkle formation.
  3. Sleep isn’t for the weak. It’s for your body (and skin health).
  4. Test your first skincare products process here first.

Here is our Skincare 101 for morning and night skincare regimen.






Eye Cream


Face Oil






Eye Cream



Face Oil

If there are any basics on a skincare routine, it is that you should apply thinner products first before thicker ones. Now, it’s time to check your local skincare pharmacy or boutique or grab tester promos to start building your most compatible skincare routine.

Beauty & Hair

We Cannot Wait to Try These October 2020 Make Up Releases

On the hunt for new makeup products in 2020? We are, too! This post will reveal our October 2020 picks that you’ll surely want to have on your radar.

Lorac Cosmetics Pro (Palette Noir)

As fall is settling in, subtle shades are becoming a match to the pale or tanned skin tones. Luckily, Lorac Cosmetics offered their Palette Noir in two variants, mini and full-sized, so you can glam up without hurting the pocket.

Make It Big Mascara by Morphe

Perfect eyelashes for Fall Parties? Why not! Morphe has just dropped their newest eye mascara product, and we can’t wait to try them on alongside their eyeshadow kits and powder brushes.

Rock the Vote Lip Set by BH Cosmetics

Make it BOLD! This waterproof liner and cream lipstick combo are made to last ’til Election Day. Plus, bold red lips are the perfect shade while the colder season sets it. It also comes in a cute red and blue bandana! It’s only limited edition, so head out and get this lip set while they’re still on sale.

The Hocus Pocus Makeup Collection by Colourpop

Wanting to look magical this Halloween? The Hocus Focus makeup set brings out the perfect Halloween party look without breaking the bank. They have eyeliners, lip colors (that we love), lashes, and GLITTERS! While it’s best for a Halloween look, it’s also good for those who wanted subtler makeup with the cold weather.

Rendezvous Holiday Collection by Sigma Beauty

For everyday makeup this holiday season, the Rendezvous Holiday Collection has the best shades, liners, and glosses. It also comes with a chic mini bag, which organizes them very cutely.

So which makeup brand do you like to check this fall? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

College Life

These Five School Club Types Are What Every Student Must Join

Is your day-to-day college experience only centered on attending classes and sleeping in your bed? While sleeping sounds better, there are other (and better) options you can do to make your college life more enjoyable. Yes, I’m talking about clubs!

If you’re looking for ideas on which club to join, here are some five cents on which club type you (or every student) should join.

  1. All-About-Fun Clubs. They’re not clubs that do worthless stuff for the sake of doing. They can be fraternities, sororities, like-minded clubs, or even those that organize rallies or volunteer for a cause. A tip though. Choose one that fits you and not just because you’re bored. You’ll thank us for it.
  2. Physical Health Clubs. Let’s get physical with sports or aerobics clubs that can keep you physically fit and in shape right before career time.
  3. Emotional and Mindful Health Clubs. Want to do more peaceful, less moving clubs. These club types can set you thinking deeper or looking at emotions as part of your inner physiologies. It’s also worth giving a try.
  4. Arts Club. Have talents or hobbies in music, arts & crafts, or performing arts? Acapella clubs, artist guilds, and dance clubs can set your inner art juices on fire.
  5. Career-related Clubs. If you’re too serious about finishing college to land a great job, then career clubs can get you involved in your future profession. You can also build networks that can connect you to the best companies for your degree.

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