Fashion Tips

A Simple Guide in Finding Your Most Authentic Style

Are you wondering which style fits your most personal style? We got you! Here are some tips for finding your most authentic style.

  1. Start by asking who you do admire. You can research your celebrity idol’s fashion, iconic looks, their fashion outtakes, etc. They can be the best fashion reference that will make your clothing preference a stand-out.
  2. Explore some style patterns online or in your nearest department store. While clothing boutiques give you focused brands, exploring the department store offers more options in clothing styles and brands. Plus, they have more fitting rooms, which gives you more chances of trying the shirt or jeans you’re eyeing on before buying them.
  3. Know your color favorites. While it’s not right to stick to one fashion shade, understanding your color preference gives you an idea of how to better express yourself with clothes.
  4. Start organizing the closet. Remove the non-fitting ones or revamp them to better suit your style and character.
  5. Explore fashion with your current clothing budget. You can go on a buy-at-price challenge. You’ll be surprised to see how many fashion items you can buy on a budget.
  6. Your #OOTDs on IG or Facebook is your fashion mirror. Refer to them when experimenting with your style.
  7. Never forget your true YOU! It’s your marker to finding the style that suits you well.

How do you find your style? Tell us more in the comment section below.

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