Outfit Inspirations for a Sorority Winter Recruitment

These sample fashion ideas will help you get prepped up for winter sorority recruitment – day after day. Plus, we’ll include some fashion items on sale that will surely go along with every activity of every recruitment day.

While the brands we feature give you an idea of how you’ll look, any other brands would also do well as alternatives. So, are you ready to slay recruitment days? Here we go!

Open House Day

Let’s throw in some Saint Chic shirt, Carmar Denim, and some Steve Madden shoes and earrings. You must turn heads right away on the first day, so these fashion combos should make a statement. This outfit will also reflect your personality through different elements. It’ll make the entire look trendier and more cohesive as well.

Philanthropy Day

All right! On to DAY 2. Toss in that bodysuit, pants, boots, and a necklace. We recommend Pretty Little Thing and ASOS when looking for this outfit. They portray your bright, bold personality, but doesn’t get too fancy-looking.

Sisterhood & Pref Day

Okay, now you’re in the sorority. It’s time to mellow down, but not too much, on the outfits by donning some jumpsuits, boots, and simple accessories (we recommend Pretty Little Thing) for Sisterhood Day. On Pref Day, you can turn the bling up and some more skin with a dress, heels, and earrings (we recommend Revolve) to pair up with champagne flutes and formalities.

While they can make a statement for your fellow sisters, your outfits won’t define their relationship with you. The best fashion tip is to be yourself. You’ll find it the best one when looking for the sisterhood you’ll bond with for the rest of your life.

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