Going to a Frat Party? Glam up with these Fashion Brands (and they’re on sale too!).

It’s that time of the year again for frat parties, and your sorority gals are setting you up for the biggest party of your college years. But, living on a college budget, how are you going to stay sassy without breaking purses?

Well, here are some stores you can pop onto and get on some dresses for the party but with a good price bargain.


They are one of the best fashion shops with incredibly low prices and wide clothing choices. We recommend pairing some crop top with a denim skirt that’s neutral-colored to show some sexy without burning the house down. Don some statement earrings, a necklace, and a comfy sneaker, and you’ll party fashionably all night long.


Trying to dress uniquely? BooHoo is a brand to shop for. With their queer shirt and dress prints, shiny shoes, and blings, you’ll shine at any frat party even when you’re still about to step inside the room. Go for some two-piece set with dalmatian prints, some shiny pair of gold sneakers, and a black choker. It’s streetwear casual but it’s the gold standard.


Going for the young and hippie look? ASOS just got them for you. While this brand isn’t as sale-sy as the rest, they still have affordable party outfits that will make any frat party like it’s a red-carpet event. Go for a black denim dress, white sneakers, and some shiny silver bracelet. They’re manageable and simple (you’re welcome!)

Forever 21

This iconic fashion bargain shop offers the best selection of party outfits. Want to do edgy? Grab some tight black denim shorts, a sheer racer shirt, and a chain choker necklace. If not, they still have tons of choices that incredibly match with one another.

Pretty Little Thing

If Kylie Jenner supports this brand, why can’t you? They sell affordable fashion outfits with slashed price tags. Go for a simple black t-shirt dress, gold choker, white sneakers (we always find it a stand-out), and get ready to party!

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