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Outfit Ideas (And Clothes) to Look Like Emily in Paris Even When You’re Not in Paris

We just can’t help but get obsessed with Emily’s outfit ideas. Lily Collins just brings out that Gossip Girl feels in a Parisian setting. Guess what? We, girls, can get the fashion takes too! Here are some of the clothes included in every style featured in the Netflix hit drama Emily in Paris.


Yes! Sweater weather is here. Add some jeans to it, a beanie, and simple accessories. You’ll enjoy laidback fashion but not too lazy looking for the critics.

#2. Green Coats and Plaids.

The bright neon or mint green has got its ways in making any casual more fashionable. It’s also a perfect add-on comfort for the cold weather.

#3. The Infamous Little Black Dress

Hey, it has never gone out of style. Since Lady Diana, the black dress is always a statement fashion article that gets everyone watching you. It’s also less demanding but expresses more of who you are. Plus, it’s formal friendly.

#4. Raincoats that Aren’t for Rainy Days

Feeling rebellious with fashion? Add some transparent raincoat to a dress. You will find the style a perfect fashion standout wherever you go.

#5. Pink, Mink, Fuchsia.

Bring out that sassy girl sense with pink shades. Shirt, coat, pants, and accessories in pink can get your inner girl clapping for joy.

Got more fashion ideas from Emily in Paris? Feel free to share them in the comment box below.

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