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These Five School Club Types Are What Every Student Must Join

Is your day-to-day college experience only centered on attending classes and sleeping in your bed? While sleeping sounds better, there are other (and better) options you can do to make your college life more enjoyable. Yes, I’m talking about clubs!

If you’re looking for ideas on which club to join, here are some five cents on which club type you (or every student) should join.

  1. All-About-Fun Clubs. They’re not clubs that do worthless stuff for the sake of doing. They can be fraternities, sororities, like-minded clubs, or even those that organize rallies or volunteer for a cause. A tip though. Choose one that fits you and not just because you’re bored. You’ll thank us for it.
  2. Physical Health Clubs. Let’s get physical with sports or aerobics clubs that can keep you physically fit and in shape right before career time.
  3. Emotional and Mindful Health Clubs. Want to do more peaceful, less moving clubs. These club types can set you thinking deeper or looking at emotions as part of your inner physiologies. It’s also worth giving a try.
  4. Arts Club. Have talents or hobbies in music, arts & crafts, or performing arts? Acapella clubs, artist guilds, and dance clubs can set your inner art juices on fire.
  5. Career-related Clubs. If you’re too serious about finishing college to land a great job, then career clubs can get you involved in your future profession. You can also build networks that can connect you to the best companies for your degree.

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