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What Color Backpack Should I Get for College?

When choosing a new backpack for college, many things could leave you feeling confused or indecisive. These tough-to-pick features include brands, styles, and of course, color. When choosing what color to choose for anything, not just backpacks, it is essential to consider the activities and lifestyle you and your bookbag will experience. With that in mind, here are some suggestions for deciding what color backpack you should get for college.

Colors For The Active Busy Bee!

The first thing many people notice about your backpack is its color or design. If you are the kind of college student who gets up to many activities such as sports or even more outdoor activities like hiking, it would be best to go for dull colors that will not attract dirt or stains easily.

Such colors would include black, dark brown shades, dark shades of gray, cool tones of green, and even dark tones of oranges and reds. If you go for colors in this range, be sure to pick styles and designs that go well with your taste and personality.

Colors For The Enthusiasts

Nothing says “I’m enthusiastic about many things” than a bright yellow backpack. This color not only indicates warm feelings and emotions, but it also evokes feelings of delight and decisiveness — it is a pretty bold choice. Other colors like yellow that may match your optimistic outlook on life include soft tones of orange, pink, and even purple.

It is important to be careful when picking colors that fit this kind of mood as they are quick to gather signs of wear and tear as well as dirt. This automatically means that they need better care and possibly more frequent washes.

Colors for the Bold Risk-takers

When choosing what color backpack to buy, it is important to take the general theme and common color in your closet. However, if you are more inclined to make a bold statement with your backpack, then we have just the colors for you. Red, the most popular color associated with fiery, bold feeling, is a sure color to get your heart thumping! Other colors that evoke boldness, power, energy, and even love, include vibrant shades of orange (tangerine orange) and deep shades of magenta.

Colors For The Calm Ones

So, happy and loud, mute and functional, and fiery and bold may not be your cup of tea. If you are the kind of person to express your calm interior with colors that match, choosing appropriate colors for your backpack should not be difficult. Colors like blue, which come in various shades, can be a great place to start, while you can also take a look at other colors like neutral shades of green and slightly warmed-up shades of gray.

Colors For The Fearless

If you want a backpack that genuinely sticks out without strictly following certain moods or feelings, some colors can make this happen for you. Purchasing a white backpack is a sure-fire way to stand out and make it known that you are dauntless. Sure, a white or cream backpack might be risky — they are harder to maintain and even harder to clean — but you like to live life on the dangerous side. Go for it!

Last Words

In the video below, Lizabeth shows how the theory of colors is applied to fashion and how everyone can find their personal color palette:

In all, when you want to pick a backpack color that will perfectly express your personality, you should carefully consider the colors and kinds of clothes that you own, as well as where you will be taking your backpack to in your daily life. Other things to consider when picking out a backpack include storage capacity, distinctive features, and durability. The decision process can be fun and scary at the same time! All you have to do is start!

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