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Boring Fall Break? Here Are Some Fun Activities to Keep You Engaged

It’s fall break again and, with the current situation going on, you might start wondering what you want to do during this time.

Guess what? There are tons of fun activities you can do while school’s out. Here are ten fun activities that should keep you busy during fall break.

  1. Visit an unusual museum or some unique landmarks.
  2. Go on an early morning hike to watch the sunrise.
  3. Do a dollar store photoshoot or have that Walmart/Target “buy-at-price” challenge.
  4. Experiment with baking or coffee-making.
  5. Start journalizing your college (or life) experience.
  6. Gather your besties for a truth-or-dare slumber party.
  7. Create a charcuterie board. Yum and fun!
  8. Learn to dance new moves on TikTok. Tag some friends along for a dance challenge on TikTok.
  9. Try doing “message in a bottle”. You might be surprised how many could pick your bottled message somewhere in the world.
  10. Take your friends (or some hot beau/chick) on a drive-in movie date.

Got more ideas for fall break activities? Let us know in the comment box below.

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