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Bring Out That “Emily in Paris” Fashion Sense with these Outfit Guide

Emily in Paris has got a lot of feedback in their initial stream on Netflix. Some good, some not-so. Nonetheless, we want to feature the show because she, the fashionable queen Lily Collins, can make us channel that Parisian fashion style within our means (and wardrobe choices)

#1. Fuchsia from H2T (Head-to-Toe)

Yes. It’s all about pink! You can recreate Emily’s all-fuchsia outfit with a pink coat, bold pink sweater, a denim skirt, felt-skin high heel boots, and a plushie-like handbag. Don some silver hoop earrings or dangling stick earrings, and you’re in for a Parisian walk in your local downtown.

#2. The All-time Classical “Little Black Dress”.

The infamous Little Black Dress just doesn’t go out of style. Add some black coat when you’re wearing it on chillier nights. Red lipstick, silver-lined clutch, silver earrings, and shiny heels, and you’re ready to rock any gala or college formal.

#3. Plaid & Green

That green plaid outfit and fluffy coat can get you walking like a fashion model in casual clothes. Some skimpy skirts, boots, scarf, and hat gets it even more fashionable.

#4. Raincoats for Indoor Fashion

Well, who wouldn’t? While it isn’t wet, raincoats are becoming a fashion statement nowadays. Get it on with a jumpsuit and it won’t look out of style.

#5. Sweaters Overload

It’s getting colder, isn’t it? As long as the sweater isn’t cursed, go for it. Pair it with some jeans, boots, and a beanie, and you can bike around downtown or uptown like it’s Paris fashion week every day.

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