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Dress Like the Crown’s Princess Diana with These Outfit Ideas

Emma Corrin’s depiction of Lady Diana in the fourth season of The Crown had fashion enthusiasts wanting to try her wardrobe. Although it has been years since her abrupt demise (may she rest in peace), her fashion preference has never gone out of style.

If you want to take her fashion as part of memorializing her, here are some outfit ideas you can do to look and feel like the People’s Princess.

#1. The “Getting Paparazzied” Look

It’s all about the working-class, trench coat, sweater, skirt, and white shirt. Add some long shoulder bag and you can recreate that moment when the public knew of the engagement with the Prince of Wales.

#2. That “Charles & Diana On the Countryside” Yellow Outfit

While it was one of the most dapper and intimate with her future husband, Lady Diana just got yellow everything to a whole new level. Some yellow jacket, floral blouse, and a jumpsuit, and you’re also ready to become jolly fashionable on countryside excursions.

#3. The “Hall of Pictures Rollerblading” Outfit

Who wouldn’t rollerblade in an insanely large hall of paintings and portraits? Lady Diana’s pink pajamas, sweater, and rollerblades just got everyone thinking how fashionable she looks in that scene.

#4. The Infamous “Revenge” Dress.

The last episode shows Diana wearing that all-black sexy dress that got the viewers thinking of how she wants to take revenge on Charles and Camilla smooching behind her back. While it wasn’t used to represent something good, it shows the princess’ fashion outtakes to show her true emotions. Go figure!

If you’re looking to apply Lady Di’s fashion taste to your wardrobe, here are some keynotes: Colour matching, layering, prints, and experimenting. You don’t also need to be a princess to become fashionable, but sure Lady Diana can get you more ideas on how to find the best fashion style that suits you. Have more about Lady Di’s fashion in mind? Feel free to comment about it below.

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