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Gilmore Girls Fashion Take: I Wore Their Outfits for A Week

Just watched Gilmore Girls on Netflix? Ever wondered how they’re able to don such exquisite outfits. Well, here are some fashion combos you can try for each character that should get your style covered for a week.

#1. Jess Mariano’s outfit with a girly twist

While it isn’t a girl character, his outfit can get that casual denim weekend going. Some Doc Martens and an olive t-shirt can get it even more comfortable and fashionable – a great fashion combination.

#2. Rory Gilmore’s Denim jacket style

The burgundy A-line dress, black tights, and blue denim jacket recreate this outfit. You can add brown booties with a short heel. Tie your hair in a ponytail, and it’s almost like one Rory wore in the series.

#3. Lane Kim and her fur-styled outfit in Doc Martens boots

The burgundy and navy-blue plaid pants, black sweater and faux-fur collar with the trusted Doc Martens recreate this comfy look.

#4. Emily Gilmore’s timeless casual style

A white shirt, grey slacks, and a black & white knitted cape/cardigan will surely get the outfit rolling.

#5. Paris Geller and laidback office fashion

The mauve-pink blazer, black cigarette pants, and black pumps feel serious but fashionable for office wear.

#6. Lorelai Gilmore’s bubbly pink casual

A navy blue and white polka dot shirt, medium wash flare jeans, light pink coat, and black heeled boots will do the trick. You can add a navy blue ascot and blue beanie with pom-poms to complete the look.

Found more fashion styles from Gilmore Girls you wanted to share with us? Please do so in the comment section below.

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