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We Cannot Wait to Try These October 2020 Make Up Releases

On the hunt for new makeup products in 2020? We are, too! This post will reveal our October 2020 picks that you’ll surely want to have on your radar.

Lorac Cosmetics Pro (Palette Noir)

As fall is settling in, subtle shades are becoming a match to the pale or tanned skin tones. Luckily, Lorac Cosmetics offered their Palette Noir in two variants, mini and full-sized, so you can glam up without hurting the pocket.

Make It Big Mascara by Morphe

Perfect eyelashes for Fall Parties? Why not! Morphe has just dropped their newest eye mascara product, and we can’t wait to try them on alongside their eyeshadow kits and powder brushes.

Rock the Vote Lip Set by BH Cosmetics

Make it BOLD! This waterproof liner and cream lipstick combo are made to last ’til Election Day. Plus, bold red lips are the perfect shade while the colder season sets it. It also comes in a cute red and blue bandana! It’s only limited edition, so head out and get this lip set while they’re still on sale.

The Hocus Pocus Makeup Collection by Colourpop

Wanting to look magical this Halloween? The Hocus Focus makeup set brings out the perfect Halloween party look without breaking the bank. They have eyeliners, lip colors (that we love), lashes, and GLITTERS! While it’s best for a Halloween look, it’s also good for those who wanted subtler makeup with the cold weather.

Rendezvous Holiday Collection by Sigma Beauty

For everyday makeup this holiday season, the Rendezvous Holiday Collection has the best shades, liners, and glosses. It also comes with a chic mini bag, which organizes them very cutely.

So which makeup brand do you like to check this fall? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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