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Wear Doc Martens Like a Pro with These Outfit Tips

Doc Martens boots are too edgy? Well, they are – in a good way! While they can be subversive, they can complement your style too. Here are some fashion ideas to get your Doctor Martens in sync with your outfits.

#1. The Girly Look

Get on some dress, any style, a cute backpack, some blingy accessories, and a pair of white Doc Martens to bring out that girly look.

#2. The Fashionable Grungy Look

Wanting to do rebel but not too much? Then black is the key! Add some copper-ish accessories and a shiny black, almost military-looking, Doc Martens, and you can rock the street with your outfit.

#3. The Glam Girl Look

If sassy sophisticated fashion is your thing, your matte black Doc Martens will go well with high waist blue jeans, a furry pink coat, and dangling silver earrings. You can add a shiny belt for a more glamorous look.

#4. That Everyday Casual Look

Just want a laidback look? Don that oversized sweatshirt from the closet, an all-black legging, and hoop earrings will keep your Doc Martens a complementary to your comfy clothing style.

Have some better fashion ideas that work with your Doc Martens boots? Feel free to share them in the comment box below.

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