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College Life

Unveiling the TikTok Frenzy: Why TikTok Followers Are Skyrocketing in Canada

In the dynamic world of social media, where trends come and go like the seasons, TikTok has emerged as the reigning champion, captivating the hearts and screens of Canadian college teens. With its infectious short-form videos and a plethora of creative content, TikTok has swiftly become the fastest-growing social media application in the Great White North. Let’s dive into the phenomenon and unravel why TikTok Followers are multiplying at an unprecedented rate in Canada.
The Allure of TikTok
The allure of TikTok extends beyond its surface appearance, …

College Life

These Five School Club Types Are What Every Student Must Join

Is your day-to-day college experience only centered on attending classes and sleeping in your bed? While sleeping sounds better, there are other (and better) options you can do to make your college life more enjoyable. Yes, I’m talking about clubs!
If you’re looking for ideas on which club to join, here are some five cents on which club type you (or every student) should join.

All-About-Fun Clubs. They’re not clubs that do worthless stuff for the sake of doing. They can be fraternities, sororities, like-minded clubs, or even those that organize rallies or volunteer for a cause. A tip …

College Life

Boring Fall Break? Here Are Some Fun Activities to Keep You Engaged

It’s fall break again and, with the current situation going on, you might start wondering what you want to do during this time.
Guess what? There are tons of fun activities you can do while school’s out. Here are ten fun activities that should keep you busy during fall break.

Visit an unusual museum or some unique landmarks.
Go on an early morning hike to watch the sunrise.
Do a dollar store photoshoot or have that Walmart/Target “buy-at-price” challenge.
Experiment with baking or coffee-making.
Start journalizing your college (or life) experience.
Gather your…

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A Quick Guide to Planning Your Summer Break

Prepping for summer break? Read this blog. Your welcome!

Get ready for an internship. While it’s the most common thing college kids do on summer break, it’s something you would enjoy doing as well. Outside college life, you can start building your network or meet some folks that could be helpful to your future career. The best internship is one that’s relevant to your degree. Plus, you can also coordinate with your dean of students in earning college credits for your work hours in internship.
Get a part-time job. Although some internship pays, some don’t. You …

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